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My father, Bill Bryck, and 3 of his 4 sisters and mother in front of their general store in Springfield Gardens, Queens. (My grandfather was inside working, no doubt.) The rule was “if you need anything, there’s the cash register… if I need you, get yourself downstairs”

IF YOU’RE IN A CLOSELY HELD or FAMILY OWNED BUSINESS, and need to improve how you communicate, clarify and professionalize your company’s policies and procedures, ease the tensions between partners, discuss the un-discussables among key players, create better boundaries between work and home, you may have come to the right place.

Browse this site, to consider if I can help you. Please see my perspectives on family business, testimonials from people I’ve worked with, information about the 3 plays I’ve created about life in family business, my advice column, radio show, and my work with the Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley

My work with small business began as a child, in my family’s children’s clothing store in Freeport, Long Island, and continued as an adult, serving as 4th generation owner/president (and tailor). I closed the store after 90 years of operation to move my family to the Western Massachusetts, and started the Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley, (fka UMass Family Business Center) gathering business families together in a safe and noncommercial learning environment, producing educational dinner forums, confidential roundtables, and customized consulting and facilitation. As I got to be a trusted person to business families, I got pretty good at helping them discuss pressing and difficult topics. I think one of my talents is being an honest broker to family members in business. I am good at “controlling the chaos” and looking out for the interests of the business, the family and all the people involved, creating solid agreements and better understanding. And helping family members in business have fairer and more productive disagreements, arriving at best possible negotiated agreements.

Though there are common themes to many of the problems faced by every family in business, your situation is unique from any other, so my work with you will be customized to assist you with whatever, in particular, is impeding your progress, causing you stress, and limiting what your family can do together to be successful and satisfied.

Whether you’re in the throes of management or ownership succession, the many aspects of estate planning, building a well functioning sibling, cousin, spousal or multigenerational team, trying to turn your safety net into a meritocracy, figuring out how to hear and be heard, feeling your way through a difficult decision, or simply suffering from things being not good enough, I can help.

Call at (413) 575 5850 or email me. I am ready, willing and able to help you improve how your family or closely held business achieves profit, success and satisfaction.


Ira Bryck

ps: I am proud to share that in Sept 2020 I was one of the honorees of BusinessWest magazine’s Difference Makers award.

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