User Manual for Ira Bryck

everyone at Giombetti Associates shares their user manuals, and we often encourage clients to build one for themselves – a good thought exercise, but could help others improve on how to make you “useful”

User Manual for Ira Bryck

  • To know me is to love me, but if not, you’ll still know me

What I stand for

  • I try to be neighborly and reasonable, even when objecting and complaining
  • I have a knack for knowing who should know who, and love connecting them
  • I am a meditator for 47 years, and as much as I stink at it, I do feel like I know what it is to be on solid ground, within myself
  • I’m a lover, not a fighter, but there’s a few people I’d protect by punching their enemies first and asking questions later. I’ve also promised all those people both my kidneys.

How my strengths might help us work together

  • I know how to ask good questions, to help you think things through
  • My contributions to discussions often start with “I’d like to build on your idea”
  • I am a lone ranger type, but surprise myself with how well I collaborate, when I must

Ways in which it’s obvious that I’m not finished with me yet

  • I’m pretty sure I’m right, don’t be fooled that I seem respectful
  • Life would be grand if I could mind my own business
  • There is a report card in my head, how I’m doing, that I’d like to be done with

When I’m feeling stressed, you might notice

  • Me feeling bad about how dumb I am
  • Me feeling bad about how dumb you are
  • Me eating 50 more pistachio nuts

How I make friends and colleagues

  • I like to ignore my fear of meeting new people, and just join your little cocktail party group
  • I try to figure out how to help you in accomplishing your goals
  • I’m not blowing smoke when I explain why I like you