True Leader

A true leader understands the limits to power, knows that she/he is part of a team, aiming to improve the common good.

A true leader’s vision is aligned with what is good for the universe, and needs to have a good view, from the vantage point they have achieved.

A true leader understands the root of politics is politeness, promoting building, not demolishing.

A true leader does not need or use innuendo, hyperbole, intimidation, or puffery.

A true leader instinctively understands why command and control is doomed to fail.

A true leader is transparent, their message is clear and consistent. You can see where they’re heading; there are no head fakes or pump and dumps.

A true leader is not seduced by their power over others, they are inspired to use their power to help others.

A true leader is exciting, because they correctly find the problem, and inspire others to help solve it, so life is better.

A true leader doesn’t just believe in telling truth to power. They believe that truth is power.

A true leader strives to increase stakeholder value; and the price of the stock is not the most important way to measure that. It’s more about the organization achieving its valuable vision.

A true leader perceives where the path should be, fully describes why, and enlists people to help clear the way.

A true leader is brave enough to let the light shine in, revealing their imperfections.

A true leader exemplifies perspective, patience, honesty, tact, optimism, realism, humility, humor, ambition, modesty.