Nothing thrills me more than innovative methods to help people change and grow. Here’s a sampling of ways I’ve customized and created tools for people and places I’ve worked with:





  • Created plays (that are living case studies, that an audience gets to compare perspectives about)
  • Used improv troupes to help workplaces improve customer service
  • Uniquely combined Drucker’s Management by Objectives, with Gallup’s Twelve Questions that Matter and Strategic Questioning to help family businesses do performance evaluations that are not so much judgmental as building a great culture and using everyone’s strengths
  • Helped families have better meetings, that inform, cross train, coordinate, and increase understanding
  • Helped expert advisors examine how to get a better conversation going with their clients; and facilitated meetings between family businesses and teams of expert advisors
  • Used movie scenes about family businesses to build awareness of their own behaviors, attitudes and beliefs
  • Helped brainstorm with out-of-business family business members about what they will do in their “next chapter”
  • Helped companies explore what it is that they are truly great at, so they can head into the future in the right direction
  • discover your opportunities from their threats, etc
  • Assisted families in business to know when it’s time to sell, dissolve, and/or move on
  • Do what you need to do!! “Good enough” just isn’t good enough!

I got a million of ’em!!


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