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you may have heard the one about the man whose wife thought she was a chicken

His friend asked him “why don’t you take her to a psychiatrist?”

“Because I need the eggs” said the man.

What are you laughing at?

There are, no doubt, ways that you’re denying reality, for whatever payback you think is worthwhile.

How does one see clearly, beyond the crazy delusions we all swear by?

I have been meditating (with a couple of lost years) since college, and darned if I can tell you.

But I think it’s been helpful to stay in touch with a lot of people with whom I can share experiences, and over a lifetime, learn what matters, what’s real, and even accept the helpful and harmless lies (as in Kurt Vonnegut’s fictional religion, Bokononism) that help us achieve peace of mind, and a good life.

It is endlessly helpful to me to have a community that reflects, supports, challenges, nurtures and loves me. I got that from my nuclear family, and lifelong friends, but also from communities established for a various purpose. I get that from serving on boards, participating in all kinds of blogs, groups, conversations, walk & talks on the beach, sunsets, romantic comedies, puppies and toddlers.

My father explained to me, when I was quite young, that the purpose of life (and religion, and family, and friends) was to “wipe our mirror clearer and clearer, so we can see ourselves.” And I’m relieved and glad to say, at 65 I certainly feel clearer than at 25. The rock tumbler that is life has shown me how to be a bit more relaxed, take myself a bit less seriously, be a bit more of a helpful friend, family member, co-worker, and community member.

I remember a very wise high school classmate had, as his yearbook quote “Jump right in, it’s the only way.” (one of Jean-Paul Sarte’s least despairing quotes). Van Halen said it a bit less concisely: “Ah, might as well jump, (Jump), Go ahead and jump, Might as well jump (jump), Go ahead and jump, Jump, Might as well jump, (jump), Go ahead and jump, Get it in, jump (jump), Go ahead and jump”

I hope this clarifies the benefits of living and learning. In conclusion:

I hope you feel better after taking off 2 minutes to read this

I hope it means something to you, and you will jump right in, clean your mirror and read “Cat’s Cradle” again

I hope this essay somehow intrigues you to get more involved with the Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley

Please see, below, for several things you might find quite valuable.

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