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Impact Peer Advisory Group

I welcome you to find out more about the Impact Peer Advisory Group, comprised of owners of substantial and respectable companies around Western New England, who think of this roundtable as their advisory board and reality check.

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We meet monthly, ten times per year (not in July or Aug) for several hours, participating in a process where you will help each other understand the challenges and problems we each face; listening well, asking excellent questions; making thoughtful and strategic suggestions. 

There is also a coaching element, where I meet for one hour with each member of the group, to help them clarify issues, strategize how to handle them, and exercise accountability, to accomplish our stated goals. (also 10x per year, not July or August)

We also bring in high quality presenters, a few times per year, to lead an interactive learning experience, customized to the needs of our members.

The benefits of this kind of executive peer group have been acknowledged by leaders of the world’s best companies. It’s lonely at the top, until and unless you form a brain trust with others in your same position, at other companies. They can help you with the 10,000 foot view; with how life looks from outside your box; and help you discover the question behind the question, so you can discover the best answer (to the right question).

So if you’d do well to commiserate with other business leaders, help find both problems and solutions, be in an environment where great teaching and learning is happening, and build a community of peers that you respect, trust, and can be frank and honest with, this group is made for you

If you have a company in the area loosely bounded by Hartford, Worcester, Brattleboro and the Berkshires, including all of Western Mass (but if you want to travel from further away, that’s great) and would like to discuss this more, please get in touch with me at 413 575 5850 or

See more about me at or — among my many activities, working with private companies over the years, is facilitation of several roundtable groups. I create a safe environment, completely confidential; with the right mix of structure and free-flowing discussion; touching on the business and the personal; exploring both mind and heart, and how that affects your effectiveness, success, and satisfaction.

This group is unique, but grew out of what was formerly an executive roundtable run by a reputable world-wide organization. OUR PRICING IS  LESS THAN ONE THIRD of what it was before, but still it is an amount that is a serious investment, but that has a great return on investment for an ambitious and determined kind of entrepreneur. Again, I invite you to get in touch with me, to discuss it more. I’d be glad to meet with you, and bring along a business owner who is part of this peer group.

Ira Bryck

ps: please see below 3 testimonials from business owners who are in my roundtables, run through the Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley

I was first introduced to the amazing power of peer learning through Ira, and, for me, the roundtable he leads is a place to be vulnerable in my challenges and self-doubt, to get fresh perspectives, to sort out what are “impossible puzzles” in my head in a ridiculously short period of time, and also to be validated and encouraged to fight another day.

Ira’s core skills as a roundtable facilitator, in my mind, are the abilities to:

    • ask the question that no one else has the courage or perspective to ask
    • cut to the core of an issue when needed (always with kindness)
    • tell stories and make connections from his broad experience that bring a fresh perspective
    • set rules and boundaries, but not be inflexible about them when needed
    • actively ask for feedback with an open mind, as well as with energy and drive to improve the experience for me and improve his own skills as a facilitator

And if I were Ira, I wouldn’t have responded with bullet points. I would have given you a succinct and interesting story that summed all of those up, and maybe made you laugh.
Meghan Lynch, President, Six Point Creative

As a longtime member of a Pioneer Valley Family Business Center, I have found that active participation in the roundtable forum to be arguably the most valuable aspect of membership. Ira Bryck’s facilitation and guidance is instrumental in creating an intimate and open trust environment. Within that context, the group shares both challenges and helpful external perspectives. The format is both efficiently facilitated, and allowed to relax when appropriate to explore common themes in a somewhat more open manner.

As a facilitator, Ira is a curious researcher – always open to input and adapting to best suit the specific needs of a group, or even a particular discussion that feels worthy of unconventional exploration. He is respectful of time commitments that we each make as business leaders, and tirelessly works to maximize the value of the roundtables. Ira has the insight and experience to help guide the discussion in a catalytic, but non-scripted way. The value is in both seeking input from the roundtable, as well as being able to better appreciate the common challenges and themes that we all face in our unique businesses.
Todd Harris, 42 Design Fab

I have really enjoyed being a part of Ira’s roundtable. As a business owner without formal training, I have found the group to be incredibly helpful. I have appreciated being surrounded by thoughtful advice, support, and like-minded professionals. I value the time away from my business to reflect on my business and find the roundtable to be a productive session that I look forward to. Ira’s guidance and mentorship sets a welcoming and supportive stage for individuals to participate and gain valuable and actionable insight. I’m very grateful to be a part of the roundtable and to work with Ira—thank you!

Kirsten Modestow, Owner & Executive Creative Director, BRIGADE

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