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Expand Into Amherst Mass

Here is a letter, that anyone from Amherst (but especially South Amherst) might send, to any business owner/president who you’d like to see expand into the intersection of West Street and Pomeroy Lane, or other Amherst town centers. (the letter does not need signatures, just names. The letter is posted online, with a growing list names of supporters, so if you want to send it to a business owner, just copy, paste, print and send, or email.


I am writing you, as a fan of your business.

I live in Amherst, Massachusetts, in the Pioneer Valley of Western Mass. Amherst has been regularly described as one of the best college towns in America. It’s also a popular place to retire, or raise a young family, or call home, for many who also call Western Mass their workplace.

We have a central business district, and then also several smaller commercial centers in our town. I am writing to say you would find a loyal and wowed customer base by opening your business in a town center, and I’d especially appreciate it being located in South Amherst Village, the area around the convenient and central intersection of West Street (route 116) and Pomeroy Lane.

That area of Amherst is among the most populous, near the town center, already a restaurant destination, a hub of roads heading to several surrounding towns, near a successful office park, and near Hampshire College, which hosts a collection of museums that attract large numbers of visitors.

The undersigned neighbors all support this idea, of businesses like yours expanding into South Amherst Village. They added their names because they would love to be regular customers of quality stores, restaurants and service businesses in their neighborhood; and Greater Amherst is very navigable, so you’d likely attract fans from afar.

(please know that we have a strong preference for locally owned companies, not large chains)

See more at

Or speak to Claudia Pazmany at the Amherst Area Chamber of Commerce, at:

Or Geoff Kravitz, the town’s economic development director, at:

Thanks so much for reading and considering this. We hope you consider it a compliment to you and your company that a customer would send you this. And consider that it’s not every business location that calls to you, in the form of a letter from future customers.


(your name here, as you are the sender, and a customer of this business)



Shalini Bahl (Amherst resident, owner of Downtown Mindfulness, Amherst Town Councilor)

Ira Bryck (Amherst resident, and president of Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley)

Darcy Dumont (Amherst resident, sustainability advocate, Amherst Town Councilor)

Mary Jo Hanneke (Amherst resident, and Amherst Town Councilor)

Geoff Kravitz, Town of Amherst Economic Development Director

Talya Vexler Nesbitt (Amherst resident, and owner of Hampshire Gymnastics)

Claudia Pazmany, Executive Director, Amherst Area Chamber of Commerce


(this list of signers/supporters will continue to grow)




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