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Ira’s Modern Haiku

Ira’s Modern Haiku

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I did plight my troth

didn’t know I “pledged my truth”

but that’s what I did

this person knows me

loyal, despite my defects,

I should try harder

Independence Day

do they just hate our freedom?
or that we hate them?

If I were a tree
It would help me be stately
To know all trees die

Icy Civic skids
Muffled, comfy, in control
All’s well with the world

If I lose my mindAnd can’t remember at all

I may arrive late

The older I get

I learn “I am what I am”

But feel free to change

Much of our wisdom

Is spent on understanding

What loved ones just meant

When I die, it’s yours

It was given to me too

Nobody owns it

Does Superman feel

A gentle, loving caress?

He must feel the pain, too

Ants don’t learn to build

if not perfect, it won’t work

only success lasts

Old men all too loud

To be heard above the roar

In this greasy spoon

Eighty five thousand

Thoughts per day go through my head

Which are the real me?

I am me in part

By how we are together

I am in context

I hear what you said

But my ears are connected

To my fragile mind

Saturday morning

Quick stroll to bacon and eggs

Catch up on podcasts

Greek, Cuban, Deli
Indian, Chinese, Veggie
Faves on desert isle

Hammer in a nail
there are other solutions
ways to connect stuff

what do chipmunks think?
my house is their country club
and I’m intruding?

Big bright cardinal
Slumming at our bird feeder
Now off to elsewhere

what has life taught me?

epitaph for future gens

“I’m rubber, you’re glue”

It’s work to keep up
with old friends who knew you when,

know how you got here

Within the silence
bedrock, where one can touch down

what’s false dissipates

Naked audience
That method is unnerving

Keep your shirts on, please!

my dream vacation

Grand Rapids in goal free state

many hours to futz

new law: president

must speak in 5-7-5

“tremendous disast!”

You banged my cart, sir!

how about some eye contact?

You’ll see I exist.

What to do today?

so Earth’s in a better place

than when I woke up

bird protects its nest
swoops down, pecks back of my head
nature runs afoul

Why are folks my age

Appearing to look so old?

Like my grandparents!

Swiftly flow the days

this little girl I carried

we both think we’re young

Befriend young people

To see they’re not killing me

Why would that help them?

(I thought it was just me, but apparently, others have noticed: )

Shoving rocks uphill

How happy was Sisyphus?

Yay, I did it!! oops

the planet knows not

how we have afflicted it

still lives, dies, evolves

Dear amygdala:

Why can’t you calm the fuck down?

Everything is fine!

your child takes a chance
to create a healthy world

it’s ok to brag

Guy ground stumps, made holes

Said “fill w 6 bags topsoil”

Perfect fit! Genius!

Will I scream like that?

When I tell a long story

when old, at Kelly’s?

Humans reaching out

To not kill, plus be charming

Ants have it easy

No need to suffer
performance anxiety
if you don’t perform

Family business

Easy, if love and trust rule

If not, follow rules

In reality

Monday’s not worse than Friday

They are both not real

Talking to people

less dementia/ suicide

“how was your day, dear?”

Laying Zach to rest

Village gathers to love him

Blessed memory

How do free and brave

Elect such uptight cowards!?

Throw/ vote the bums out!!

How my job is done

By 40 other people

Mixed love and learning

It was impolite

So I minded my manners,

didn’t kill Hitler

Which world do you choose?
– let us reason together
– Sit down and shut up

Two score with one wife
Through poor, sick, worse, plus cherish
Wins best friend forev

I heard you read these
So let me thank you, Patty
For undying love

Wedding machiah
Tribes unite to affirm them
Good golly! Mrs!

One hundred degrees

MoviePass, a/c, mindless,

Good for what ails ya

Perfect weather day

To meditate butt naked

Gentle breeze from fan

Longevity genes

could mean I’ll survive until

my shit’s together!

Your title is great

What are you entitled to?

How did you earn it?

After waterfall

That excellent Chinese place

Middle of nowhere

busy work schedule

met in three different cafes

bottomless network

Life is staycation
I can’t get away from me
here I am again

No brave without fear

I’ll be brave about my fear

and not fear my brave

I Yam What I Yam

but past performance doesn’t

guarantee future

When I’m feeling good

I don’t care that you’re so loud

Even so, shut up!

when you’re a stranger

it’s not that people are strange

maybe it’s your breath

Everyone who’s died

Has discovered what happens

If anything does

My humble life goal
Is to mind my own business

I am not your judge

 I’d like to believe‬
‪That the sane will inherit‬
‪Our crazy planet‬

Nobody’s going

to punch my freaking lights out
so I can relax

Bought myself air buds
2 taps brings Siri and pause
Makes them worth one fifty nine

too many squirrels!

running right under my wheels

“thin my stupid herd!”

such friendly cashiers
chatting up customers with

10 items or less

used my precious time

feedback to cafe owner

no reply: messed up!



“A prince among his pals, we hate to see him go”

Said classmates at Jamaica High School in 1937

What experience did the yearbook committee have

Of that man I loved, years later?

Where did he get that feeling of invulnerability

That gave him the freedom to answer Yes!

To the classic shoplifter’s threatening question

“Are you calling me a thief??

Where did he get the entrepreneurial verve

To leave the safety of his father in law’s

Wholesale bedding and bath store

To buy in to an unknown cousin’s childrenswear store?

What affection might he have ever had

For the woman who he made my mother

And though they lacked chemistry

Stuck it out till they were both diminished

That man coached me with simple truths

That were profound and real for him:

First be a mensch / Cheap is dear /

If they bought only what they came for, who needs you?

Gone 6 years, finally memories predate his dementia

His determination to be the one who makes the sale

Follow the money, but deliver the goods

Simplicity is rich, he was richer than he knew.

Our world has never been

in such a predicament,

you think, until you realize

that since the beginning, some A-hole

ran some country; and their drunken effects

alter your life, inflicting in ways that seem so real

You, here, now, hurt by bitter, savage, miserly

honchos, royals, brethren of old

Still you have good days and bad

still, you’ve made something of yourself

despite the world resisting your success

despite your own mind, another despotic force

You went beyond, making your home safe

you risked a reliable, plodding path

you dragged yourself to where you were needed

and jumped in (first planning, then jumping)

So now, from whatever your height or depth

how will you alter lives?

what does your name on the door do to help?

what business is it, of yours, to add to the good?

Ira Bryck 12/19/18

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