Family Business Problems? Ira Bryck, Solutions!


Selected poems and prose, by me; this will grow over time:


“A prince among his pals, we hate to see him go”

Said classmates at Jamaica High School in 1937

What experience did the yearbook committee have

Of that man I loved, years later?


Where did he get that feeling of invulnerability

That gave him the freedom to answer Yes!

To the classic shoplifter’s threatening question

“Are you calling me a thief??


Where did he get the entrepreneurial verve

To leave the safety of his father in law’s

Wholesale bedding and bath store

To buy in to an unknown cousin’s childrenswear store?


What affection might he have ever had

For the woman who he made my mother

And though they lacked chemistry

Stuck it out till they were both diminished


That man coached me with simple truths

That were profound and real for him:

First be a mensch / Cheap is dear /

If they bought only what they came for, who needs you?


Gone 6 years, finally memories predate his dementia

His determination to be the one who makes the sale

Follow the money, but deliver the goods

Simplicity is rich, he was richer than he knew.


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